NELLY N-08#14: Buy 10 get 1 free, Buy 100 get 20 free Cuticle Nippers – Stainless Steel

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NELLY N-08#14: Cuticle Nippers (Stainless Steel)

Product Code: N-08#14

(Buy 10 get 1 free)

Features: Single Spring, Grey - Plated. Jaw 14 (~5.5 mm)

Product Description:

- Medium size jaw blades, 5.5 mm in length
- Large handles - Very sharp jaw blades - Stainless steel materials, rust proof - Use for cutting fingernail cuticles and toenail cuticles. - Light weight, single spring for quick operations

About Nelly products: Nelly Nippers are manufactured in Vietnam according to American modern standards, combining technology with traditional Vietnamese family handed down technique. Every nipper is sharpened by hand with meticulous craftsmanship and inspected thoroughly. Nelly nippers are designed to meet all the requirements of the professional nail technicians.


Sku: N-08#14
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